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ArgentPur started as a minimalist assault on the requirements of audio signal transmission.

Pure silver (Ag) has a 106% conductivity compared to the maximum theoretical transmission of copper at a technically defined 100%. So even umpteen-nines Cu can't remotely approach pure silver. The market is flooded with silver plated copper conductors. To many, these have compromised qualities that limit top octave clarity, coherence, and may lead some to describe them as "bright," "etched," or having "glare". Pure silver has no such compromises, and indeed has NO SOUND of its own.

In order of preference, the available media for the Ag conductors to rest within are: a vacuum (rather impractical), air, and then the low dielectric effect insulative barriers when necessary. The best of these are arguably the fluorocarbons.

To minimize dielectric effect further, each individual  Ag strand used in ArgentPur is manually threaded through its own fluorocarbon tube that is 5-10x larger so that contact between the Ag conductor strand and its protective carrier is dramatically reduced by this roomy air space. Capacitance and inductance are thus minimized, with the benefit of no "signal-hopping" destructive interference across the frequency spectra. (See Core Technologies below.)

Premium low-mass, silver-plated tellurium-infused non-metallic RCAs are used for the single-ended designs. WBT0152AG locking RCAs are available for Pro or studio use at no extra cost.

 A wonderful Ag/Teflon XLR is used for the balanced designs. Neutrik silver-plated locking connectors are also available for Pro or studio use, again, at no extra cost.

Speaker cables are terminated in very burly Ag-plated spades and Ag-plated banana plugs for complete continuity of Ag conductivity.

NO lower-conductivity rhodium, gold, nickel, nor copper surfaces are in the signal paths! Only 105.9995% transmission pure Ag!

NO other hefty cheap "fillers" like PE or PVC are used to add unnecessary weight nor girth in marketing ruses to enhance gravitas. Pure Ag cascading through air-filled Teflon to Ag-tipped connectors!

NO performance claims are made differentiating among the AgPur Speaker Cable iterations, as load sensitivity and length requirements should guide Ag AWG mass selection among the four models. How refreshing!

NO CABLE! The sound and raison d'etre for ArgentPur!

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Power, performance, purity, passion

Praise for ArgentPur

Part-Time Audiophile

We’ve never nominated a cable for Product of the Year before. It wasn’t on purpose. It’s just that reviewing the ArgentPur cables in my system was an informative and illuminating experience.

Featured in PTA's 2024 Best Cables

PTA review

PTA Product of the Year nomination

The Sound Advocate

These first auditions gave me the inclination that these cables appeared to be very close to perfect in my mind. They incorporated a smooth ambient, creamy midrange effect similar to the best copper wires and a huge amount of silky transparency with detailed and subtle intricacies; all while maintaining and portraying a huge soundstage. The speaker cables’ inimitable bass response, was impactful and overtly deep in its character and depth. Otherwise, nothing and no part of its frequency spectrum ever shout AT YOU…offering up a boatload of such encrypted musicality!

HiFi Art

In fact the (AgPur) cables sound excellent and I'm VERY happy with the performance.


...speaker cables are wonderful.

Tone Audio

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