Demo Policy

Standard ArgentPur constructions for Speaker Cables are 2.5M length, terminated with premium bananas AND spades. Standard Interconnects are 1M length.

These standard constructions may be returned within a 27 day demo period for full refund less shipping costs.

All orders for other lengths or non-standard terminations (all bananas or all spades, or others' connectors, for example), are considered custom-made orders, so are not refundable.

Speaker Cables returned for exchanging terminations after delivery will incur a modest charge for new connectors and remanufacturing labor. Again, stock termination is half/half spades/bananas, but sometimes I have all bananas or all spades as an in-stock demo. Please enquire.

We reserve the right to make minor cosmetic and aesthetic changes on the fly without notice. However, any technological changes will always be announced. Enjoy the music!

International /distributor dealer enquiries are welcome.


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