The organic wholeness, the octave to octave balance, huge dynamics, and the detailed yet extremely smooth top end was fantastic, with soundstaging reality only GaN-FETs and Ag can provide.

— Richard Colburn (Audioquest, Audience, Fidelis, Bluebird)

ArgentPur is adding GaN-FET Monoblocs to its AgPur solid pure silver cable offerings!

These compact monos offer 250w/8ohm (500w/4 ohm) power, using customized Ayzenshtat renowned Orchard Audio ULTRA balanced modules, powered by a custom 800w SMPS with softstart and ultra-high frequency switching for extremely low EMI and very high efficiency.

ALL INPUT, OUTPUT and Power Supply wiring comprises twisted-pair ArgentPur SOLID PURE SILVER in Teflon air-tubes for peerless soundstage detail and holography... the ultimate transparency (WITHOUT brightness!) that both Gallium Nitride and Pure Silver are known for.

Silver-Gold-Oil MUNDORF capacitors are used in the critical signal path to also provide even better resolution and soundstage realism compared to other GaN-FET and Class D designs. The musicality clearly equals best Class A but with utmost pellucidity to the source, plus the ultra-fast gut-wrenching bass grip Class D can provide.

All Input and Output connectors are also silvered, providing a COMPLETE SILVER through-path!

Inputs comprise one XLR and one RCA, direct-wired, eliminating any input switching degradation.

NO tube or other input buffers color the purist presentation...thus the proverbial "straight wire with gain."

We recommend use with a favorite preamp and/or reference level DAC for system optimization.

Chassis is solid aluminum, with vibration-absorbing Sorbothane footers and added panel damping. Only 8.5 x 12.5 x 3.5" (22 x 29 x9 cm) ...less than 7lbs (3kg).

Damping Factor: >700

S/N: >120dB (A-weighted)

Distortion and Noise: worst case <0.08% at 500w/4ohms!

Input Impedance: 44k balanced, 22k single-ended

Power Consumption: 8w idle

Power 95-125v, internally resettable for 240v

Competitive with $10-20k+/pr GaN-FET designs

Preliminary Early Adopter price is only $2950 each!

Shipped in either single larger double-box or pair of ultra-rugged Pelican-clones ($100 sh upcharge). Simple 14AWG copper AC cables are provided, but performance is clearly improved with AgPur PC12 solid pure silver cables. Please enquire for special pricing if ordered with AgPur ICs, Speaker or PCs.


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