Praise for ArgentPur

Part Time Audiophile

MONOBLOC ... Reviewer's choice award

"The ArgentPur Monobloc is my reference standard for GaN FET technology, and it’s amazing that you can now get this level of amplifier performance from a pair of 250wpc monoblocks that weigh just a few pounds apiece and cost just $6K. Highly recommended." REVIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD 2024

Part Time Audiophile

CABLES ... Product of the Year

We’ve never nominated a cable for Product of the Year before. It wasn’t on purpose. It’s just that reviewing the ArgentPur cables in my system was an informative and illuminating experience.

The Sound Advocate

ArgentPur ... Very close to perfect

These first auditions gave me the inclination that these cables appeared to be very close to perfect in my mind. They incorporated a smooth ambient, creamy midrange effect similar to the best copper wires and a huge amount of silky transparency with detailed and subtle intricacies; all while maintaining and portraying a huge soundstage. The speaker cables’ inimitable bass response, was impactful and overtly deep in its character and depth. Otherwise, nothing and no part of its frequency spectrum ever shout AT YOU…offering up a boatload of such encrypted musicality!

Stereo Times

Superior in almost every way

Oh my, oh my.... They sound superior in almost every way to two sets of $22k cables I have in place that retail for $22k each! They're absolutely stunning!



...speaker cables are wonderful.

HiFi Art


In fact the (AgPur) cables sound excellent and I'm VERY happy with the performance.


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